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Planning Permission

In most instances if you want to extend or add to your home you will need planning permission, however, you may be able to extend under permitted development. In which case you may only need a certificate of lawful development.

(*this may vary from one Local Authority to another*).

So the question is will you need planning permission?

The following link will give you an idea; visit
The online guide Planning permission Portal
to launch our web based guide to planning permission.

Once you have decided that you need permission the next stage is to make an application to your Local Authority.

Local Authorities

At Home Plan Design Services we understand that planning law can be complex and that dealing with Local Authorities can be frustrating. It is for this reason that we will on your behalf:

  • Complete all your planning application forms
  • Submit all your planning applications to your Local Authority
  • Deal with your Local Authority
  • Liaise with your local planning officers
  • Make any necessary amendments to drawings
  • Deal with any planning appeals, including hiring and instructing professional consultants 

(*We have an extremely high planning application approval rate).

So if you have a planning issue, need some advice of simply need someone to act on your behalf give us a call now!